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Video Production Company in Barrie


is at your service

  Evast Productions is a video production company
based out of Barrie and serving all
 of Ontario. We are here to help you create promotional, corporate, brand, commercial, and other video assets for your business or personal projects.


  We provide high-quality video production services
for small to medium businesses in Barrie and all of Ontario.


   The primary focus of our video production company is understanding your goals, pain points and current strategies.  We will utilize them to create compelling video-based solutions that drive results for your business.

We Create Video Assets

That work for your business around the clock, providing a worthwhile investment

Our approach is human-oriented.
We want to make this process
smooth and easy for you.



We set up a discovery call after you fill out the questionnaire so that we can learn more about you and your goals and what would be the best video-based solution. 
We want to know more details to understand your brand, value proposition and uniqueness in the market and sure we want to be on the same page from the start of the project.


At Evast Productions, we will collaborate with your team during the pre-production phase to come up with ideas and concepts that align with your objectives.
Video pre-production is an essential part of creating a successful video. It involves planning, organizing, and preparing all the elements that will be used in the video before the actual filming begins. This process may include researching the topic, writing a script, creating a storyboard, selecting locations, and casting actors.


At Evast Productions                                                               we understand that creating a video can be a daunting task. That’s why we have a streamlined process to ensure that your video is created quickly and efficiently.
Once we have a plan established, our production team will collaborate with you to make sure your story is filmed in an engaging manner.

video production company


Once the filming is complete, the real work begins in post-production. Our talented video editors will take all the footage and assemble it into a captivating narrative that will draw in your viewers.
Editing is a crucial step in the video production process, as it is the final step before the video is ready to be released.
This is where the magic happens!

Our Recent Projects

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